Do you want to be popular at your school? It’s really easy. Just read this article and get on with it!

  1. Talk to people! The key to being popular is to know everyone. Just say hi. You’ll make friends, therefore people will know you, automatically making you more popular.
  2. Go shopping. Here are some trendy stores to shop at:
    • Abercrombie & Fitch
    • Hollister
    • Gilly Hicks
    • American eagle
    • Pac~Sun
    • Hot Topic
  3. Have your own style. People will notice that and respect you. They may even copy you. But remember that that is not a bad thing. It means you are a trendsetter and a role model!
  4. If you want to wear makeup, know how to wear it right. Don’t wear too much. Never cake on foundation if you even want use it. You want your natural beauty to shine through, so all you need is eyeliner, blush, mascara, lip gloss, and concealer to hide any blemishes.
  5. Get control over your hair! You decide if you want to keep it natural or straighten or curl it every or some mornings.
  6. Always hang out with your friends! But make sure you know who those buddies are, and who your true friends are.
  7. Don’t change who you are. Be yourself! If you like a club, join it. If you love a sport, play it. Don’t let what others think hold you down or get to you.